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Virtual Sisterhood: We are authentic, open & sincere in our questions and answers. We are here to connect and stay connected.

HAYFS was started out of a single question, a question we (Women all over the world) should be asking one another more than ever.

Then came the idea- What if we built a community that not only asks this question but allows us to answer authentically. What if we created a safe space to be transparent? A space to share the good, the bad and the ugly.

As we navigate these uncertain times, please know we don’t have to really be alone. We can still connect. Lovingly, virtually.  We encourage you to invite the women in your life that you think would be a great addition. Together, we can build a community based on genuine shared experiences. We can add value!  Our shared space via Instagram and now our website is more than pictures or captions, it’s about Sisterhood.

So serious question-

 How are you feeling, Sis? REALLY?



Copy of Copy of Logo -How are you feelin
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