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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Hi Sis! I am so happy you are here!

I’m excited to co-create with you but even more excited to get to know you, hear your stories, and give you the space to feel any and everything that comes up for you!

Lately, I’ve been asking myself “How are you feeling,Sis? Really?!

Well, some days I feel like I’m killing it! I follow my schedule to the T, I’m at peace, I feel cute, worked out, didn’t overeat, dripping self-love, skin glowing and edges thriving. Other days I feel stuck, a little less cute, tired, irritable, lonely, chubby and over it.

Checking in with myself constantly allows me to acknowledge all of my feelings as they come. I’m listening intentionally to what my emotions are sharing. Good or bad, I’m holding space for them. I know we are told to not let our emotions run us but maybe we could give them a little space to be vocal. Maybe feeling what we feel in the present moment could ultimately give us the most intimate look at ourselves. What if It makes us a little more curious or even more gentle or compassionate.

I’m enjoying sifting through the thoughts and asking questions. I’ve been able to guide myself back to the root. It’s a beautifully personal journey. You might cry but you might also laugh-especially when you trace your anger back to a snack deficit.

I created this space to ask all of my sisters globally “How are you feeling, Sis? Really?. This an open community to answer authentically. It’s a virtual sisterhood! Please join and invite your best sisters if you want to share, add value, and create genuine connections—especially now.

Sending big hugs🧡—Winn

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