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What matters most to you, Sis?

This question has been popping up a lot lately for me. A huge theme that came up this year has been around goals and high productivity vs. self-care and real rest. All of these sit on separate ends of the spectrum and are often times in constant conflict with each other.

We’ve had some really tough days and I don’t know about you but a lot of the time I’ve still had to show up in fullness for work, family/friends and my goals. There is this idea that you can push through, work through anything even on your saddest of days. Who made that rule up and who is willing to break it? When do we raise the white flag and say we give up?

For me, asking myself “What matters most?” has brought things into perspective. I’m realizing in the grand scheme of things none of this matters. If we are not alive and well we cannot send that last email, we cannot accomplish those goals, spend that money or be available for anyone. So what matters most?

I like to bring it back to the most simple but most important aspect: Health-mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Anything that if not taken care of could cause me to not be here, living. My goals are “important” but they will NOT make or break me. My work is “important” but I can’t do it well if I am not well. My relationships are “important” but if I’m not genuinely fulfilled and content within myself, then I’m definitely faking it with you.

Breaking It down to a granular level brings me to radical honesty. I can vocalize my reality without fear because I’m clear on what matters most to me. I’m understanding that sometimes the exclamation is the release I need. Simply hearing myself state out loud that I don’t have space and I’m at capacity brings it front and center.

Sis, let me encourage you like I did myself- never stop checking in with YOU and asking tough questions. NEVER be afraid to ask “What matters most” and use your response as a catalyst to unapologetically take a step back from things that overwhelm you. Have a plan of action but remember you have to be alive to do all the things. Rooting for us!

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